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Allstate: Response Reminder Email

Example “Response Reminder Email”


=> Actions to take if the “Manage this Feedback” link in the email does not work:

Please make sure that you are logged into https://allstate.reviewability.com with your 6 digit agent ID email address and click the “Manage this Feedback” link again.


If the link still does not work please check if your browser is blocking links from within your email to open

=> Manual Filtering your Customer Dashboard to see Customers waiting for a Response

If the link in the email still does not open due to local computer settings you can use the “filter” option in your customer dashboard after you log into https://allstate.reviewability.com

1) Click “Filter”
2) Select “All feedback received”
3) And select “Feedback not replied to”


4) Click on a customer name that has not been replied/responded to.


5) Within the “Customer Profile” click the “Publicly Respond” button and enter your response.


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