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List of all available Online Review Sites

The following is a list of all third-party online review sites currently available in GetFiveStars.

Please refer to this post on how to display online review links to happy customers.

If you don’t find your favorite site included in the list simply email us
support@getfivestars.com and we will contact the provider to see if their Terms of Service allow us to add them.

General Online Reviews



Travel & Hospitality

Business Software


Real Estate & Home Improvement

Moving and Relocation

Health, Wellness, Beauty and Medical

Food & Dining

Senior Care & Assisted Living

Lawyers & Legal

Employment, Professional Development & Human Resources

Kids, Camps, Education and Schools

Art, Books and Creativity

Wedding Planning

Money & Financials

Apps, Games & Web


United Kingdom



Provider Updates:
Bing no longer offers the ability to leave reviews. We therefore removed Bing.

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