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How to manage and edit Labels

This post shows you how to manage and edit existing “Labels” in GetFiveStars.com

“Labels” allow you to organize your businesses locations into meaningful groups. This allows you to easily manage tens, hundreds, or even thousands of business locations in the GetFiveStars Business Dashboard and get summary statistics on each the groups too.

GetFiveStars Tutorial Video on how to create and use Labels

Step-by-Step Guide on how to manage and edit existing Labels

1) Log into your GetFiveStars.com account

2) Click the “Labels” button

3) Click on “Manage Labels”

grouping businesses by labels GetFiveStars

4) In the “Label Management” screen you can rename Labels, as well as delete Labels.

manage labels GetFiveStars

Pro-Tip: Deleting a Label does not delete the businesses associated with the Label. Read here for how to delete a business.

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