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GetFiveStars Captive Wifi Portal (Status: Beta Version)

The GetFiveStars Captive Wifi Portal (currently in Beta Test) will allow you to offer Internet to your customers in exchange for their email address.

The Wifi Portal is ideal for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, Waiting Rooms and any business that wants to offer Wifi to their customers in exchange for the customer’s email address.

The Portal plugs into your existing Internet Modem and creates a new Wireless Network that can be named whatever you want. Example: “Mirlo’s Bar and Restaurant Free Wifi”. Before connecting the customer will be asked to provide their email address. A coupon or free offer can be be shown as incentive.

Think of the Wifi Portal as a similar (but better and more personalized) experience to logging into free Wifi found in Hotels or Airports.

GetFiveStars captive wifi portal

The Wifi Portal can be used as stand-alone service or in conjunction with GetFiveStars.

If used with GetFiveStars the customer is automatically added to your GetFiveStars Customer Dashboard, thus automating the process of collecting your customer email addresses and asking for feedback at the same time.

  • Offer free captive Wifi to your customers
  • Plugs into your existing Internet Modem or Router
  • Collect email addresses of customers
  • Identify repeat customers
  • Offer specials and coupons
  • Request Feedback and Online Reviews on Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor etc.

All screens shown to your customers can of course be configured!

How can I get a Wifi Portal?

​We expect the portal to become available for order within GetFiveStars later this summer.

A “Beta Tester” version of the Wifi Portal is currently only available upon request to “Executive Plan” customer’s.

If you are an existing GetFiveStars customer you can can upgrade your current plan for any or all of your businesses / locations to ‘Executive” under “Account -> Account Owner Details”.

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