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Changing the feedback request “From” email address

By default GetFiveStars will use the “Business Owner” email address.

Changing the “From” email is a great way to keep your account email separate from the “Sender” or “From” email.

from email getfivestars

1) Log into your GetFiveStars.com account

2) Click on the Business you would like to change the “From” email.

3) In the menu on the upper left click on “Settings -> Feedback Settings”

4) Scroll down to the lower third of the page and look for the ‘Feedback Request Sender Email’ box and enter your desired ‘From’ email.


Important: GetFiveStars will show your email as the “reply-to” email address, the email itself comes from mailer@reviewability.com

Doing it any other way or adding more masking would be considered ‘spoofing’ and drastically decrease deliverability do to anti-spam measures that are in place across the web. For more information visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_spoofing

If you are using a “Firewall”, “Microsoft Exchange Server” or if you are accessing the internet via a company network you may need to white-list emails from GetFiveStars.

GetFiveStars Email Sender: mailer.reviewability.com
GetFiveStars dedicated Sender IP Address:

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