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Adding additional Survey Questions

Yes you can add additional survey questions to GetFiveStars!

You can add up to 4 survey questions in addition to the NPS question on the Feedback Landing Page and find out how customers feel about your prices, service, quality, professionalism and more. You decide what you want to ask.

All of the survey questions will be on the same 0-10 rating scale for the customer, keeping things streamlined and straightforward. For each survey question you will be able to edit:

– The question
– The value of a 0 rating (low) and the value of a 10 rating (high), 5 remains neutral
– The “keyword” of the question to label the reporting column
– The order of the survey questions (drag and drop)
– With Net Promoter Score at the heart of our platform, the “would you recommend” question will always remain on the page and will always be in the top spot.

1) Log into GetFiveStars.

2) Click on the “Business Name” you want to add additional Survey Questions for.

click on business in GetFiveStars

3) In the main menu click on “Settings -> Survey Questions” and follow the visual survey editor. See also video above.


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Can I add more than 4 survey questions?

GetFiveStars was created to offer businesses a simple, actionable and measurable customer feedback platform.

The platform has always been focused on simple and fast customer feedback and we don’t want to stray away from that. We’ll never be Survey Monkey or a platform that allows you to ask 20 consumers questions. We do see the value in understanding a little more about your customer.

Although we do offer the option to add 4 additional survey questions, we have found that our system “as is” produces the most responses, such as a valuable Net Promoter Score and valuable customer feedback. All of this with the added benefits of the Schema.org compliant testimonial widget and online review encouragement.

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