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Auto Approve Feedbacks and Testimonials

This post will show you how to auto-approve (positive) Feedbacks and Testimonials to be displayed on your Website in GetFiveStars.

1) Log into your GetFiveStars.com account

2) Click on the Business you would like to manage.

getfivestars  business dashboard click-business-name

3) Click “Settings -> Review Widget”

4) Click the checkbox next to “Auto Approve Feedback” and choose your threshold number from the dropdown menu.

getfivestars settings testimonials auto-approve feedback

Pro-Tip: You can always overwrite an “auto approved” feedback or testimonial from not showing up on your website by sliding the “Show on Website” – “Yes/No” toggle in your Customer Dashboard.

getfivestars customer dashboard show-hide feedback

Ready to get started: Here is how to embed the badge or widget into your site!

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