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Adding the first Business into GetFiveStars

The following post describes how to add your first Business into GetFiveStars.com

Video on how to add a business into your GetFiveStars Account.

1) Click on one of the two options in your empty Dashboard to add the first Business


2) Fill out the Business Form. Important – if your Business is already established in Google Search Rankings make sure to use the exact same business address and phone number that is listed for your business in Google.

Choose a “Business Type” from the dropdown at the bottom of the form. The options are limited (this is Schema.org limitation – not something GetFiveStars controls). If none of the options apply to you choose “Local Business”.

blank adding a business getfivestars


3) Once the Business has been added it will become a selectable option in your Dashboard. Click on the Business to edit, delete and to add customers to that business.

business dashboard first business getfivestars

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